Seven top reasons why you face obstacles in learning coworking

As technology is evolving along with it is changing the way how a business operates. There is a growing demand for remote collaboration, and more people are trying coworking. Coworking allows you to sit and work amidst other companies professionals. Coworking spaces are great for interacting and networking. But there are also some challenges that you need to keep in mind before planning to reserve a sweet spot in this collective environment:

  1. Distractions and disturbances – Some people may find a lot of noises in the coworking spaces. People are making calls, they are socializing and interacting, and all these things create a little noise. You should check out the noise level before you select a coworking space for you. You can also find some quiet area like conference rooms. You can also use headphones to cancel the surrounding noise and to concentrate more on your work.
  2. Different social expectations – Many coworking spaces hold events for their members so that they can know each other in a better way. But some don’t like such events. Make sure that you are not interrupting someone’s workflow. Ask them beforehand about formal networking time so that you can get benefits of networking without disturbing other workers.
  3.  Price – There are some coworking spaces which do not charge any membership fees, but some do have monthly charges. You get what you pay for. Cost is certainly very less in comparison to the long term lease, but it can still be expensive for the budding entrepreneurs. You should discuss everything about the facilities that you are going to receive before signing the agreement.
  4. Work hours – For the entrepreneurs, time is very important, so pay close attention to the opening and closing hours of the coworking space to find out if it aligns with your working time.
  5. Electronic safety – You should check if the coworking space has a password protected wifi network to prevent the risk of data breach. Also, do a test run of the devices that you are going to use so that there is no compatibility issues
  6. Different personal environment preference – Different people have different preferences about the temperature and the other working conditions they are comfortable in. Coworking spaces where varied people from different background work together can be a place with the not-so-favourable working condition for you. But in such a big place you can always get your perfect spot where you feel good while working.
  7. Insufficient customer support – Customers want immediate help at the time of need. If a coworking space doesn’t offer quick customer support, you will feel lost. A Friendly, accommodating and professional personnel is a must –have for an organized coworking space.

There are many ways through which you can benefit from coworking, but you need to be little mindful about which space you are choosing. Make sure that it has all the facilities that you require. Each coworking space has a different environment so ensure that the one you choose fits well to your needs.

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