About Us


We at Phoebusin aim to build beautifully designed workspaces, with all amenities, at affordable prices to start your entrepreneurial journey and to  establish a successful team. We try to fulfil the business requirements and also ensure to make work effortless and simple. The intent and vision is to tap into the emerging India.


We not only end up with our mission to provide office space but we invest in both talent and creative minds and also believe in empowering the team to make their own life’s work. We challenge each other to channelize the positive energy and ingenious ideas in day to day working. Each member of our team thrives to improve the processes efficiently and create more value for the customer.


We started our first space in 2018 in Jaipur to build a community and to acknowledge the business potential of tier two cities in India. We saw the opportunity of providing flexible work spaces options for success of solopreneurs and start-ups.


All our flexible office space locations provide co-working areas where members can choose from dedicated desk, workstation or private office with different capacities to suit different needs. We aim to serve entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business and freelancers looking for furnished office space. We provide productivity tools such as internet services and also provide access to meeting rooms, printing, coffee, snacks and many more. Our professional staff is known for their attention to detail.

You are always welcome here!

PHOEBUS saw the opportunity of providing coworking spaces, business houses and entrepreneurs fully-furnished and equipped offices in Jaipur & Hyderabad and proposed in Mumbai.

PHOEBUS Business Center are elegant with a touch of class that makes them stand out.

The office spaces are flexible, with different capacities to suit different needs. The professional staff are known for their attention to detail.

The latest technology, modern facilities and the personal touch are the hallmark of the PHOEBUS brand of service.

PHOEBUS keeps pace with the global business executive, providing a host of services to cater to his or her needs. Everything is world-class. Today’s clients expect nothing less.

Its top management – Chairman – Rajendra Agrawal, Anshul Agrawal, managing director Mrs Abha Agrawal and Pradeep Agrawal – are committed to quality excellence.

Investing in both talent and technology, they work passionately to give their clients the very best amenities, not just meeting but anticipating their changing needs. All this adds up to the unmatched ‘PHOEBUS experience‘.

For any further information, do contact us.

Email: office@phoebusin.com or Call us on +91-9116680124