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Providing you the most modern co-working space with centralised location and high-quality environment in – Jaipur & Hyderabad

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Modern Workspace

Our workspace is designed ergonomically, that means your productivity increases with us. 

Comfortable location

Located in the heart of city, we have centralised location that is easily accessible. 

Ample Aminities

From electricity to furniture, from high speed internet to personalised cabins, we provide everything inside.

Quality Service

We believe in giving personalised service. If you have any special request, we will do our best to meet the need.

Experience a visual treat here!

Choose Your WORKSPACE Requirements

Office Space

We provides a work environment and, usually, office equipment and amenities found in a typical office.

Meeting Room

Book one of our meeting rooms designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused.

Virtual Office

Virtual office means having an office without actually having one.Under this new plan, you can have a virtual office address, which is a professional address that you can use on your calling card and stationery.

Co-working Workspaces

If you want to be more sociable, co-working space is what you need you can choose your own desk space and reserve it for an eternity.


anshul agrawal
anshul agrawalLocal Guide
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Excellent location in the central part of the city. Modern and comfortable space where you have everything you need for daily work, meetings or events. Well equipped office spaces and meeting room, cozy interior and services like coffee, tea, snacks... Friendly staff and atmosphere.
ShashwatLocal Guide
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Been a dedicated regular worker at Phoebusin and i can highly vouch for their extremely great services. 1. The place is located in the most prime areas - easily accessible and ample parking . 2. Great working environment and ideal for start up and entrepreneurs!
Ayush Jain
Ayush JainLocal Guide
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One of the finest state of the art co working spaces in Jaipur with all working amenities ! Great environment for working - peaceful and has the best furniture and aura out of all the places! Been working here and I absolutely love coming back to work now!

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