Seven doubts you should clarify about Coworking

Over a few years, the trend of coworking spaces has gathered momentum. It poses many benefits to the entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers. Due to its gaining popularity, more and more people are talking about it which has given rise to many misconceptions and misunderstandings. So this article aims to clarify the doubts about coworking spaces:

Doubt-1 – Are coworking spaces the same as shared office space?

There are certainly a few differences between shared office spaces and coworking spaces. In coworking spaces, you can rely on in-house coordinators to ensure collaboration and networking. Coworking spaces are the best place to build ideas and to grow businesses. Coworking spaces are established by an organization which is dedicated to coordinating workspaces. In coworking, people with a different outlook, backgrounds and skills come together to enhance their creativity. Coworking is far more creative than the single office space.

Doubt-2 – Are Coworking spaces only for freelancers and entrepreneurs?

Generally, coworking spaces are crowded by startups, freelancers and web designers, but they also suit small businesses and remote workers. However, with the rise in working flexibility, even the big corporations are also looking to take advantage of coworking spaces.

Doubt-3- Are coworking spaces highly crowded and distracting?

Some of you may find it disturbing to work amidst all the hustle and bustle in an open office environment but for some little laughter and soft chatters can be energetic. This extra buzz is important to find new business opportunities. But everyone is different, and if you are a person who likes to work in a peaceful environment, you can always bring your headphones with you. Considering the benefits that a coworking space poses, this is a simple problem which has many solutions.

Doubt-4- It is said that while working in the coworking spaces collaborating with other coworking member is necessary. Is it true?

Yes, it is true that collaboration is necessary for coworking, after all, it’s the core ethics of coworking, and you cannot choose who you want to work with. You may be a person who doesn’t like to collaborate, but that’s okay. No one is going to force you to work with the businesses you don’t want to work. You can have all the freedom and privacy if you want to be on your own.

Doubt-5- Do Coworking spaces have sufficient spaces for large teams?

There are a variety of coworking options available to you, and it can accommodate all – whether a team of two or hundreds. No matter if you are a growing business or well-established organization; there is no reason why coworking shouldn’t work for you.

Doubt-6- Is it the same as working from home?

Coworking is as convenient as working from home, but it offers the added benefits of networking and creativity which enhances your business growth.

Doubt -7- Do Coworking spaces provide just a desk and chair?

Coworking spaces offer everything including printing facilities, high-speed internet, landlines, conference rooms, food and beverages services and much more. It’s a lot more than a desk and chair.

With the need for a flexible working environment, the traditional office cubicles are the thing of past now. Coworking spaces offer a unique set up to the people who want to work according to their style and pace.

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