10 easy rules of coworking

Coworking is a growing trend these days due to its unorthodox approach on how the business functions. Coworking gives an opportunity to like-minded, independent professionals to work in a creative environment. It’s a flexible way of doing business, and it adds up the benefits of collaboration, networking and synergy. But to make the space effective for everyone, it’s necessary that everyone working there follows some rules. Let’s see what the rules of coworking are:

  1. Watch what you speak – Coworking is open to everyone from anywhere. It is a place free of discrimination where vast numbers of people work together. People here come from different background and race, so you need to watch the things that you say. You should not say that offends anyone to prevent the conflict among your coworkers. You should avoid making any sensitive jokes, racist or gender biased comments and demeaning remarks.
  2. Limit your mess– In coworking, as the desks are usually shared with other co-workers, you should make sure that you don’t leave the working area dirty. Don’t let the chargers of your phone or laptops get in the way of other people’s desks. Keep your things organized.
  3. Respect the privacy of others– While working in coworking spaces, if you want to talk to someone, don’t just hover or peek in their cubicles, instead tap lightly on their cubicle. Don’t touch anything that is not yours. Make sure to return the borrowed item to its owner before leaving the space.
  4. Be friendly – Don’t be angry or grumpy for no reason. If you are friendly with others, you will make more friends, and it will also expand your network which is going to be good for your business. Keep your personal affairs personal and don’t make others the victim of your foul mood.
  5. Less talking, more working – Even if you are having some exciting conversation with someone, keep your volume down. Or better just step out of the office for a little time to finish your conversation. Lower down the ringer volume of your phone and avoid slamming the doors.
  6. Do not disturb others – If someone is wearing headphones or is engrossed in his work, don’t go and talk to them. Maybe they don’t want to get distracted.
  7. Stick to the time limit – In coworking, you are sharing the workspace along with the conference room. So when you prolong your meeting with a client, you are causing the delay of another conference. You should always manage your time before booking a conference room.
  8. Confidentiality– In case you are working on some sensitive information of your clients, make sure that you don’t leave your clients files in places where they can be seen by other people.
  9. Stick to the policies – If your coworking office has a set of rules, follow them. Some may not permit smoking and others may not allow taking food outside of the kitchen or dining area, obey them all.
  10. Mind your visitors – If you have got the visitors, ask the person concerned about the usage of the amenities. Be careful not to let them overstay.

Above given rules are not only for other’s convenience, but they also make your working time peaceful and productive. In no circumstances, you should disobey the rules of a coworking space.

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